American Idol: Season 10

Photo: NY Daily News

After Paula left, I wasn’t sure if I’d still watch American Idol.  I didn’t think the show would be quite the same without her signature clapping and wild makeup.  I watched it anyway despite my aversion to Kara DioGuardi and her impromptu bikini-offs with contestants.  After Simon left, I was SURE I’d never watch it again.  Wrong.  I’m watching American Idol‘s tenth season and I have to say, I’m enjoying it.  I always thought Simon’s unrelentless cruelty was the entire and only point of the show but, as it turns out, the singers’ talents or lack thereof matter too!  Who would’ve thought?  I think Randy and Steven are secretly trying to take over the Simon throne.  They both throw little jabs here and there but neither one has yet to straight up come out and tell someone they should get shot in the face and rot in hell before singing another song in the presence of another living being.  We’ll see who wins.  I vote Steven.

Two things, though:

1)  I feel mildly uncomfortable when J.Lo gives singing advice because she…….. can’t sing.  Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE J.Lo — but that doesn’t change the fact that she can’t sing.  87% of the contestants on the first day of Hollywood week have better voices than her.  Again, I LOVE J.Lo.  Nobody else can wear such a tight bun and still look gorgeous, as attested to by Steven Tyler.  But she still can’t sing.

2)  Steven Tyler needs to quit the shrieking.  We get it already.  You can SHRIEK.  And nobody can outshriek you.  You are the shrieking king.

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